PASTOR CHINIQUY AN EXAMINATION OF HIS “FIFTY YEARS IN THE CHURCH OF ROME” By REV. SYDNEY F. SMITH, S.J. CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY No. 0000 (1908). * Since “Chick Comics” indulge their anti-Catholic diatribes with liberal doses of references to the unfortunate Fr Chiniquy, this pamphlet is of more than historical interest. To read Chick, one would think that Fr Chiniquy was a recent loss to the Catholic Church, not a character dating back to before the American Civil War. »


Title. By Rev CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY No. 0xxx (1946). Stuff here »


ST VINCENT DE PAUL By C. C. MARTINDALE S.J. CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY No. b164 (1977). IN the latter half of the sixteenth century when Europe was in a turmoil two supreme miracles were granted - Francis de Sales and Vincent de Paul. Francis, along with that noble widow, Jeanne [Jane] de Chantal, had hoped to begin a Vincentian work - the “visitation” nuns were to have been as active as were Vincent’s daughters. »