An Hour With Our Saviour

An Hour With Our Saviour, in Union With His Life on Earth. By Florence Maguire (Mrs. Conor Maguire). Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 686 (1955). The devotion of the “Eucharistic Hour” consists in spending an hour before the Blessed Sacrament, either exposed or in the Tabernacle. Members of the Arch-confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament, who promise to make this devotion once a month, can obtain many indulgences and privileges. »

Are They All Wrong?

By Rev. Albert Power, S.J. Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 556 (1960). CHRISTIANITY is an historical religion - it centers around an historical Person - it appeals for credentials to historical documents; and, therefore, all the arguments in its favour must, to some extent at least, be drawn from history. Still a distinction can be made between the argument for Catholicism which deals with the nature of her internal life and organization - her doctrines, Sacraments, and legislative system; and the argument which tells the story of her external life - of the men whom she has found to champion her cause, of the battles she has fought, the foes she has met, the wounds she has received, the victories she has won; and from this story of her march down the ages draws conclusions as to the validity and reasonableness of her claims. »

Are You Scrupulous?

An Interview with Francis J. O’Boyle, S.J. By Daniel A. Lord, S.J. Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 784 (1938). “Scruples exist among people of every race,” said Father O’Boyle, thoughtfully. “Yet scruples seem to be a disease peculiarly Anglo-Saxon.” We were sitting in Father O’Boyle’s private room. From that room, for some twenty years or more, Father Francis J. O’Boyle has been going to class to teach young Jesuits how to hear confessions and care for the problems of human souls. »

Atheism Doesn’t Make Sense

By Rev Daniel A. Lord S.J. Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 736 (1937). The scene was the famous Marble Arch, Hyde Park, London. The time was Sunday night. The crowd was large and in holiday mood. The speakers were loud and fluent. And the old gentleman who particularly caught my attention was small, shrivelled, and an atheist. “This morning,” he said, in a slightly cracked voice, “I was working in my garden. »

Can We Be Saints?

By Frank Duff. Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 510 (Pre 1921). What is a Saint? In the heart of every right-thinking Catholic, God has implanted the desire to become a Saint. Yet few make a serious attempt to realise the ambition. The cause for this is to a large extent discouragement, due to the misunderstanding of what a Saint really is. What is a Saint? The answer usually returned to this question is: One who does extraordinary penance’s and works miracles. »

Christ And His Church

These Two Are One. By Daniel A. Lord, S.J. Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 808 (1945). Accept Christ, You Must Accept the Church. “Of course, like any man of even limited intelligence. I admire and respect Jesus Christ. I could almost wish I were one of His disciples. But, and you’ll forgive me for saying it, I cordially dislike the Catholic Church.” Ford Osborne had laid aside his professionally humorous mood. »

Christ The King

The Encyclical of Pius XI and an extended introduction. By Pope Pius XI. Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 0484 (1925). (2nd EDITION—REVISED.) (1939) By Rev. M. Egan, S.J. Including encyclical “Quas Primas” on the Universal Feast of the Kingship of Christ. Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Official Translation of the Act. Most Sweet Jesus, Redeemer of the Human Race, look down upon us humbly prostrate before Your altar. »

Christ The Modern

By Rev Daniel A. Lord S.J. Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 740 (1937). The applause that greeted the close of the lecture was courteous but mild. Father Hall, the lecturer, smiled ironically as he recalled the variety of lecturers who had been applauded on that platform; Judge Sam Quincey defending a new morality for youth; Krishna Murtha expounding Nirvana and the delights of non-existence; John Jones, mild-faced little fanatic high priest of atheism; and Clement Burrows, famous lawyer and ironical enemy of Christianity in any form. »

Confession Is A Joy

By Daniel A.Lord S.J. Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 687 (1953). The Friday Evening Poker Club was holding solemn session in the Bradley’s comfortable library. Stacks of Chips still in fairly even heights indicated that the evening was young. So did the fat, black cigars which the three men held firmly in their teeth. “Cigarettes are for bridge; cigars are for poker,” was the slogan of the male members of the Friday Evening Poker Club; and their wives gave silent agreement. »

Confession to a Priest

What it is Not, What it Does to Society, What to the Individual. By The Rev. W. H. Anderson, S.J. Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 338 (1926). I. - What Confession is Not. People’s mistakes about the Catholic Faith, and the charges of some who ought to know better, take various lines. They “shall say all manner of evil against you, falsely, for My sake. »