After The Whirlwind?

After War Comes…What? Peace, Justice, Order…How? Catholic Action! By Mr. K. W. Mitchell. Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 895 (1942). Published for the Australian National Secretariat of Catholic Action. [Now the Australian Catholic Bishops Committee for the Laity, GPO Box 368, Canberra, ACT, 2601.] This pamphlet\ develops certain fundamental ideas set out in the ACTS pamphlet “This is Catholic Action”. PART ONE. You want a New Order, don’t you? »

All About Cardinals

(Pope Pius XII Creates 32 New Cardinals, including an Australian.) By Denys G. M. Jackson. Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 1013 (1946). The recent creation of thirty-two Cardinals by Pope Pius XII aroused worldwide attention owing to the unusually large number elevated to the Sacred College at one time and to the variety of different races and nations from which the newly honoured prelates came. »

An Hour With Our Saviour

An Hour With Our Saviour, in Union With His Life on Earth. By Florence Maguire (Mrs. Conor Maguire). Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 686 (1955). The devotion of the “Eucharistic Hour” consists in spending an hour before the Blessed Sacrament, either exposed or in the Tabernacle. Members of the Arch-confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament, who promise to make this devotion once a month, can obtain many indulgences and privileges. »

Anglican Claims and the Old Religion - Part 1

By D. G. M. Jackson Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 1019 (1947). CHAPTER I. THE ANGLICAN “CONTINUITY” THEORY Australia is the newest of new worlds: but her people are deeply aware - and, in general, proud - of their links with a mother country of ancient tradition. They owe allegiance to a monarchy which is older than any hereditary Kingship now in Europe: they have Parliamentary institutions which are patterned on the Parliamentary Constitution of England, which has grown up through centuries of development, without any radical breach with past history. »

Anglican Claims and the Old Religion - Part 2

Part II - The Mediaeval Church By D. G. M. Jackson Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 1021 (1947). CHAPTER I THE CHURCH IN NORMAN AND ANGLICAN ENGLAND The normal Anglican view of the preReformation English Church has been summed up by the eminent historian Bishop Creighton. “There was never a time in England,” he says, “when the papal authority was not resented; and really, the final act of the repudation of that authority followed quite naturally as the result of a long series of similar acts which had taken place from the earliest times. »

Anglican Claims and the Old Religion - Part 3

Part III. The Reformation And The “Recusants” By D. G. M. Jackson Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 1025 (1947). Chapter I. THE TRANSITION TO ANGLICANISM In the previous sections of this study - Parts I and II - I have shown that in every period of the old English Church from St. Augustine to the sixteenth century that Church was “Roman Catholic” in belief and rites, and in full communion with the Papal See. »

Are They All Wrong?

By Rev. Albert Power, S.J. Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 556 (1960). CHRISTIANITY is an historical religion - it centers around an historical Person - it appeals for credentials to historical documents; and, therefore, all the arguments in its favour must, to some extent at least, be drawn from history. Still a distinction can be made between the argument for Catholicism which deals with the nature of her internal life and organization - her doctrines, Sacraments, and legislative system; and the argument which tells the story of her external life - of the men whom she has found to champion her cause, of the battles she has fought, the foes she has met, the wounds she has received, the victories she has won; and from this story of her march down the ages draws conclusions as to the validity and reasonableness of her claims. »

Are You Scrupulous?

An Interview with Francis J. O’Boyle, S.J. By Daniel A. Lord, S.J. Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 784 (1938). “Scruples exist among people of every race,” said Father O’Boyle, thoughtfully. “Yet scruples seem to be a disease peculiarly Anglo-Saxon.” We were sitting in Father O’Boyle’s private room. From that room, for some twenty years or more, Father Francis J. O’Boyle has been going to class to teach young Jesuits how to hear confessions and care for the problems of human souls. »

Are You Sincere?

A Lawyer, A Professor, A Priest And A Merchant Engage In Plain Talk On Religion. By a Catholic Playwright. Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 982 (1945). Professor: “It is curious how widely men differ in their religious beliefs; but this is not perhaps to be regretted, for, after all, it is a matter of no importance what a man believes if only he be sincere. »

Arnold Janssen’S Great Enterprise

By Rev J. Broderick, S.J. Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 1034 (1947). [Arnold Janssen was canonized in 2003.] The Society of the Divine Word — S.V.D. for short, Societas Verbi Divini — the youngest of the religious congregations properly so called devoted to the Foreign Missions, has recently completed its first three score years and ten.(1875-1945) The way in which the Society acquired its title is something of a romance in itself. »