A Garland Of Hope

Stories on the Promises made to Saint Margaret Mary by Our Lord Jesus Christ. Part 2. By Constance M. Le Plastrier. Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 0481 (1930). PROMISES. Made by Our Lord to Saint Margaret Mary in favour of those who practise devotion to His Sacred Heart. I will give them the graces necessary for their state. I will give peace in their families. »

A Layman Looks At The Mass

By Art Kuhl. Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 827 (1939). By Way of Introduction. Practically all books on the Mass have been written by priests. That is natural enough. It is the priest who is the celebrant of the Mass, as it is the priest who is the custodian of the Blessed Sacrament. Yet the Mass should be of intelligent importance to the layman and the laywoman. »

A Letter to One About to Leave the Church

By Rev Daniel A. Lord, S.J. Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 893 (1960). The pipe was out. In fact, it was stone cold. Yet he kept pulling on it with meditative little noises that showed clearly he had no idea it was out. Then, mechanically, he laid it on the table beside him, among the happily disordered books and magazines and scraps of manuscript, picked up the letter from his knee and read it again. »

A Man Called Joseph

By Rev Henry Johnstone, S.J. Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 504A (1927). “A man whose name was Joseph.” Thus, almost casually, we might say, is Saint Joseph introduced to us in the Gospel. Yet how much interest, almost romantic interest, is gathered round that name! How many thoughts and scenes the name of Joseph can conjure up! “A man whose name was Joseph” — that is, the man who was husband of the Virgin Mother of God, and was called Father by the Son of God; the man who received from heaven the revelation of what Israel had waited for through thousands of years; the man who prepared the manger and adored the new-born Saviour on the first Christmas night; the man who talked with the shepherds and heard from their own lips the story we read in Saint Luke; the man who redeemed the Redeemer with five pieces (shekels) of silver, and stood by in wonder while Simeon and Anna uttered their prophecies; the man who was interrupted in his daily toil by the arrival of distinguished strangers from the East, and saw them worship and offer princely gifts; the man who, under Divine Providence, cheated Herod of his prey and fled in the starlight from Bethlehem; the man who, day after day, watched God made Man grow from babyhood to childhood, from childhood to boyhood, from boyhood to manhood, under his very eyes; the man who taught a trade to the Creator of heaven and earth; the man whom Mary loved, and Jesus trusted and obeyed — “a man called Joseph. »

A Priest

By Rev Robert Nash, S.J. Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 927 (1943). In the heart of every right-minded Catholic there is firmly implanted an instinctive reverence for the priesthood. It is no matter of surprise to him to read of the tributes of respect paid to priests, even by those in high places. He can understand quite well that the Emperor Constantine would never himself sit down to table until the last priest was seated. »

A Saint Of The Stage

Eve Lavalliere. By Charlotte Kelly. Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 775 (1947). CHRIST’S WORDS of Mary Magdalen might fittingly be applied to that penitent of the twentieth century, Eve Lavalliere. A great sinner and a great saint. Surely, we might describe the brilliant French actress who, for the love of God and to atone for her sins, voluntarily embraced a life of poverty and hardship, of terrible sufferings cheerfully endured and, hardest of all, of long periods of spiritual darkness and desolation. »

A Short Life of Our Lord

By The Most Rev. Alban Goodier, S.J. Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 863 (1967). PREFACE Whatever other writers may have added to or subtracted from the life of Our Lord, the real evidence, both for Jesus Christ Himself and for the life He lived, is contained in the four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Scholars of the present day, even non-Christian scholars, have acknowledged their authenticity as historical documents; they have gone so far as to say that anyone who does not acknowledge them as authentic puts himself outside the range of true scholarship. »

A ‘Slave’ Of Mary

Mother Mary Potter, Foundress of “The Little Company of Mary”, (“the Blue Nuns”). By Rev Marius McAuliffe, O.F.M. Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 865 (1940). This is the story of a remarkable woman of our age. Mother Mary Potter, the Foundress of the Little Company of Mary, familiarly called the ‘Blue Nuns’ because of their distinctive veils of Our Lady’s blue. She died in Rome in the odour of sanctity in 1913. »

After Death What?

By Rev. Richard Felix, O.S.B. Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 896 (1942). LIFE AFTER DEATH No truth of revealed religion is set forth more clearly in Holy Scripture than the fact that we shall live after death. “I know that my Redeemer liveth, and in the last day I shall rise out of the earth, And I shall be clothed again with my skin and in my flesh I shall see my God. »

After The Whirlwind?

After War Comes…What? Peace, Justice, Order…How? Catholic Action! By Mr. K. W. Mitchell. Australian Catholic Truth Society No. 895 (1942). Published for the Australian National Secretariat of Catholic Action. [Now the Australian Catholic Bishops Committee for the Laity, GPO Box 368, Canberra, ACT, 2601.] This pamphlet\ develops certain fundamental ideas set out in the ACTS pamphlet “This is Catholic Action”. PART ONE. You want a New Order, don’t you? »