One Solitary Life - A Challenge

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   A YesYesYes2_Pictute1 A Diagram of the Origin and Growth of the Catholic Church (in English)

    B yesyesyes-cn Chinese YESyesYes  (Blank)
An Interesting Chinese Pamphlet
    C yesyesyes-cn2 yyy     mutilated Chinese Pamphlet on Origins of Catholic Church
                                  1)   1st 2 lines of Chinese pamphlet
                                  2)    Remainder of 1st page  of Chinese pamphlet: Is there a God? (20 lines)
                                  3)    Mutilated 2nd Page (5 lines)
                                  4)   Most of 3rd page (31 Lines)
                                  5)   Beginning of List of the origins of Various Christian Churches
                                  6)  Last Page (Contact Address - Diagram [in Chinese] showing the Divine origin of the Catholic Church and the human origin of the other Christian Churches.)