The Apostles of the Latter Times

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This next is a brilliant pamphlet (in Chinese and in 6 parts) answering the questions 1) Is there a God? 2) Is Jesus really God? 3) Did the true God, Jesus, found the Catholic Church? So where do other 'Christian' Churches come from?

    101      First 2 lines   (12)docs/catholic/yesyesyes-cn/12.JPG
    101a    1st page (Damaged)   Is there a God?  YES! (docs/catholic/yesyesyes-cn2/Wallflower2_Picture2.jpg)
    102      2nd page  Is Jesus God? YES!   (13)docs/catholic/yesyesyes-cn/13.JPG
    103      last page before table. Did Jesus found the Catholic Church? YES! (11)docs/catholic/yesyesyes-cn/11.JPG
    104      table: List of the origins of Various Christian Churches   (15)docs/catholic/yesyesyes-cn/15.JPG
    105     last page  (Contact Address - Diagram [in Chinese] showing the Divine origin of the Catholic Church and the human origin of the other Christian Churches.)     (10)docs/catholic/yesyesyes-cn/10.JPG